Reviews for "TANKMEN: Battle!"

how do you upgrade?

good but update bigger game

awsome game but short , no story and repeative
btw can anyone tell me where i can upgrade myself pls it would be appreciated

The game was too short,repetitive and easy to beat; all I had to do was block>barrier>rocket>rocket>rocket and my victory was guaranteed, and the graphics can be improved.

I suggest the following:
Upgrade the animation/graphics/interface(took me a while to figure out a stat page)
Add more variety of enemies
Add difficulties(easy,medium,hard.etc)
Add different challenge for different type of enemies
Improve the enemy AI, I noticed the only thing they did was simply attack.
More weapons/equipments that actually improves player damage instead of purely being a cosmetic item(I didn't see much difference in weapon damage).

Other than that I enjoyed the game and the music was good.

This is quite good but it only needs like ak-47's and M4A1's