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I just don't get it...

There was nothing that said where to find the level up menu so I could not progress or get a better character.. I dont know if I am the only one who experienced this but I tried everything that I could and could not find where to power up. Maybe make it clearer next time.

Pretty cool

I Enjoy grinding if its rewarding and im glad this game dosn't dissapoint in that department. Its roleplaying with tankmen. Great concept not perfect as i think the leveling system should have been worked on more. As coop said getting more HP would be cool. But i can't complain to much i had a blast :D

just so freakin awesome

Dude u gotta make a sequel


The game itself is great programmed, but there were a few issues for me that you could have made different regarding that you have a leaderboard with the exp points of the players. I would change the general amount of exp you get by your enemys because everyone gives 100 exp and gets killed so easily that you just need to repeat the henchmenlevel over and over again, and you always need the same klicks. I bet there are pets out there who could grind this.

And there are also some glitchy things when you reach really high levels (there is no border after lvl 20 just a giant gap)

But i generally found the leaderboards thing cool :D

C01 responds:

I don't appreciate cheaters.

Simple game, but quite fun

Final Fantasy meets Tankmen in a battle across the post-apocalyptic wasteland, created by Jeff Bandelin. I can see this game coming back for a sequel, but it does require a little additional work, just to make it really appeal to the "grinders" out there.

You've got a nice bunch of customisable armours for the guys that you can use - why not have them available from the start, so you can make your own team?

Three characters would really enhance the Final Fantasy aspect of it, plus special moves for each one, what weapons they really like to use, once they have been unlocked etc - Heavy Weapon, pistols, close combat specialist etc.

When you Level up, how about giving us a few more hit points - being outnumbered 5:1 in hit points against the Gold Team isn't fun, even if by being at Level 15, you can grind them to pate pretty shortly after combat begins, due to the effectiveness of barrier and the defence skill. Flatten out the benefits of the skills and throw a few more HPs on instead.

The experience chart seems a little weird - why so many points to get from 14 to 15, then 300 all the way to 20? If you're going to do that, I'd suggest that you have an exponential curve, with 300 for the first 5 levels, then 400 for Level 6, 500 for 7 and so forth. You might want to split that up further, as I'm not sure even grinders want to fight about 200 battles to unlock that medal...

Some sort of story work between the levels would be nice, just to give it purpose - you could throw in some voice acting to make it nicely narrated and it would be a much better feel for the inclusion in the game, such as why they must carry on.

Finally, where were the team with the hockey pads and the NFL helmets on?

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