Reviews for "TANKMEN: Battle!"

Good, but problems

I enjoyed the game, although it wasn't perfect. First of all, I found it too easy. It needs to be more challenging. I also was dissapointed when I found out different armor doesn't increase health, and weapon damage doesn't increase with a better weapon. The game is good, and I would even like to see a sequel, but if there is, there are some things you need to fix on the next one.

Good concept

I think this game could be better by increasing health with each level; then the player wouldn't need over the top abilities like barrier and rocket, which means you can scale them back. I also think that maybe the different weapons could have different attack values, because I never had change from the initial pistol/knife combo. Perhaps you could add some sort of platforms or terrain and give different guns different ranges

It's ok

A few issues with balance. The barrier basically stops all power, and I hardly found it a challenge. All I did was attack, barrier, and rocket spam. Didn't need a medkit.
It was unbalanced, and a bit annoying, and I expected more of a challenge from the achievements.



I like this game :-)

All you gotta do is clicking on the head of your Tankman in the middle of the Battle.