Reviews for "TANKMEN: Battle!"


so awesome it's scary

easy but awesome

its a little bit easy but got all medals :D

The stat page

The stat page can be found by clicking the face of your tankman while in batlle

Oh and the 10 stars are just for the music, not for the attempt of creating a good game.

for anybody who didnĀ“t figure out at the first batlle or so, you can complete the game by just attacking or defending once and then pulling up your barrier and blowing their asses off the screen with your way too powerfull rocket-launcher

and just because im bored

Why the heck would anybody even attempt to get in the leaderboards? ( not because the guy who scored 1st must have hacked the game or something, (he has like a 100,000,0 points) just because the game is way too easy )


there is no stat screen where is it? :(


Where's the stat page?