Reviews for "TANKMEN: Battle!"

this game is just gettin started

positive of the game:
the simple idea and gameplay of the game its fantastic and its so easy that even if you dont read the rules you can play it without problems, also, the graphics were great and the variety of guns and melee weapons were good.

negative of the game:
its become repetitive when you play like 30 minutes, the same experience points for each team its a terrible idea, the barrier skill its overpowered and made the game ridiculously easy (in the bad way).

make that the exp. change according to the dificulty of the team, when you boost defense your life bar increase, less damage given by the bazooka and more guns not snipers or two handed things ( i like guns)

A few flaws

The gameplay itself is fun and might appeal to people looking for a simplistic rpg. That being said, there are various aspects that should have been improved. First, giving 100xp for every enemy is ridiculous; to get the grinder medal, I just replayed the first team until I was level 20. The enemies should have given more experience depending on the difficulty. Second, I never used the medpack once. The winning formula of defend, use barrier, use rockets worked every single time. Third, the weapons don't seem to get any stronger, unless I just didn't notice it. The epic gun was the only weapon which seemed to be any more useful. I did love the art, and the customization was fun to play around with, but the core gameplay was less than perfect.


Definitely could've been better. The gameplay is simply awful, clunky and the graphics are, well, shit.
I'm sorry, you just ruined what was to be a really good game.

well what can i say?

1+ charcters
2+ animation
1- barrier and rocket
2+ armor and gold
1- too easy
2+ below me is saying scary for no reason


so awesome it's scary