Reviews for "TANKMEN: Battle!"


1.- dea1hwarper i'm mexican and i'm offended of your review, and yes i'm mexican
(dont ask how do I know english)

2.- this one is a great game but I dont know another way than dieing(or refresh the server) to return to menu

3.- no, not all the mexicans eat their weight on tacos, burritos and/or enchiladas

4.-teh best wpn combination (ort atleast aty mah lvl) is pistol akimbo

5.- not all the mexicans live in small towns and wear ponchos and "sombreros"


6.-yes there are a some mayan and ather etnies build by, but we not live in them >:-(!

... and that were somne funfacts of mexico and their people...
...actually I wrote a lot of mexican facts for the dea1hwarper review...

but any ways good game XD !!!

Nice game

I enjoyed it! Great job with this game.
10/10 5/5


Good game

It is kinda hard to get all medals,but barrier and rocket make it easier.

Easy, but fun.

This game was sorta easy. Barrier made it a hell of a lot easier than just playing though without it. In my opinion the level 20 badge was the hardest out of all the badges but it was a good game though.

good game

was bad at first, barrier makes the game really easy but till fun