Reviews for "TANKMEN: Battle!"

Nice work

but this game is easy and too simple

guess this game is for medals lol

great game

i found the stats menu you have to click on your picture when your battling someone.

I can't find the stats menu!

where is it?

If you decide to make another. . .

Well the game is fun and great overall but if you plan on making Tankmen: Battle 2 add a clearer way to level up because I played through almost the whole game without leveling up. Also show weapon stats if they had any and tell what each upgrade does for example attack and defense is simple but I could never figure out what skill did. And you probably already know this but barrier and rocket were too overpowering in the game. For example barrier should be changed to last two or three turns not the whole round because that basically disables the defend option on the attack options or whatever that's called. Also add a cooldown for rocket because that was all that people used during the game and not there normal weapons. But everything else worked perfectly and you could make more sound effects for different weapons. So there you go some things you could work on.


1.- dea1hwarper i'm mexican and i'm offended of your review, and yes i'm mexican
(dont ask how do I know english)

2.- this one is a great game but I dont know another way than dieing(or refresh the server) to return to menu

3.- no, not all the mexicans eat their weight on tacos, burritos and/or enchiladas

4.-teh best wpn combination (ort atleast aty mah lvl) is pistol akimbo

5.- not all the mexicans live in small towns and wear ponchos and "sombreros"


6.-yes there are a some mayan and ather etnies build by, but we not live in them >:-(!

... and that were somne funfacts of mexico and their people...
...actually I wrote a lot of mexican facts for the dea1hwarper review...

but any ways good game XD !!!