Reviews for "TANKMEN: Battle!"


it was ok


i don't have words to describe this game \o/

Good game

However the game has lost points starting at 10:
Weapons have same attack except for the machine which deals multi and the rest have no abilities whatsoever. -3
An easy strategy is attack, barrier, rocket then alternate between attack and rocket,
this strat makes it too easy. -2
The armor gives no boost, its just there for show which is strange because its called armor for a reason.-1
But there are good sides:
Custom equips makes it unique rather than plain old boring suit. +2
The weapon designs and characters and great! Assault rifle and laser cannon make this game better than pistol,fist,knife,rifle games+2
Change the game and give the weapons abilities, armor defensive power and barrier weaken. If possible then my thanks to you :)


really fun but easy and also whenever i start a match and i try to use the barrier on the first turn it says i dont have enough sp

i beat the game in an hour