Reviews for "TANKMEN: Battle!"

too easy

only 3 in boost defense and i can beat the game, there's no challenge. The second tankmen is more interesting.


fufills my wish to play as one of the tank man, awesome

Cool game and all...

But it would be cool if the player had the ability to hold a rifle AND a sword. Wouldn't it be cool to shoot with a long-range weapon other than a pistol AND stab someone with an equally epic weapon?

gg good game

lol good

I Wanted to Like This Game

The graphics are nice, the presentation looks a lot like Newgrounds, and the layout is simple and easy to use, but I just couldn't bring myself to like this game. The sound effects are repetitive, the animation is tweened rather poorly, and every battle is the same strategy! Attack, Barrier, Rocket until out of SP, Attack. I only died once, on an earlier level, and that was because I forgot to use Barrier. Way too easy, and it would have been nice if enemies charged up a super attack so you had a use for Defend. Maybe some overdrives as well.

As it is, the game is extremely bland, although I love the customization options. The stats also barely affect anything. I also noticed that the game equips strange weapons for you when you try to equip two-handed weapons when you're holding two one-handed weapons, or vice versa. This game needs way more levels, maybe a plotline, and more depth.