Reviews for "TANKMEN: Battle!"

great game

there is a minor glitch were the enemy helmets are flip floped in the armory and if you pick a knife and a pistol you shoot and stab


Attack, Barrier, rocket, rocket, rocket, rocket......This strategy was the only thing I did throughout the entire game without fail. To give an honest review this game was quite boring to play through but I kept hoping that some sort of strategy would eventually bring forth itself...but I was disappointed.

If you could create moves and enemies that would actually be hard to kill and create ways to counteract them in strategic ways it would be fun, but obliterating every single opponent that same exact way the entire game gets repetitive and boring, fix that and it would be okay.

awesome game

I love the tankmen series hope they make a new one at somepoint also great game and for those wondering were your stts is click on your tankmen emblem on the top left in battle

cool,i guess

Nice RPG,except that i think they should be minature,like in the tankman flash cartoons.Here's an 8/10.Take it,and make more Flashes!!!! (^^)

Well the best armor division just arrived!

well I cant say much about this game but holy shit the men of tanks are in a game and that makes it hard to complain in my opinion, oh and adding medals is just like an awsome overkill bonus in my books.