Reviews for "Yoko Pinup"

Looks great.

Not sure what else to really say about it.


- Hot Girl
- Sweet Gun
- Cool Color Theme
- Great Graphics

10/10 Great Work!!!!


Really well done! Simple and HOT and really well done! Only thing i gotta say is that her left foot and lower leg seem a bit odd. Just kind of where it is and the angle. Not really that noticable but you know... just thoughts to keep in your mind for your future stuff

Sabtastic responds:

Agreed. Her feet drove me nuts.
Hopefully everyone's attention will be focused... ... 'elsewhere' though. ;)

Woo! I love this.

Hot. Good job.

Awesome stuff.

I just discovered you Sab, and was planning on just being a creeper, but I feel as a Gurren Lagann fan I must inform you, the full title is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It feels wrong without the Lagann. D: Otherwise, I love you and all of your work.

Your most newest and somehow loyal fan,

Sabtastic responds:

Sweet, thanks! I'll edit that real quick.