Reviews for "Yoko Pinup"

do you draw anything besides chicks

all you seem to draw is chicks in skimpy outfits

Sabtastic responds:

I draw a lot of other stuff, yeah. Landscapes, still life, animals, you name it..
However, Newgrounds is where I post all of my "skimpy chick" pictures. Unfortunately, it's only stuff like this that gets noticed. :P

If you're interested in any of the OTHER stuff that I draw, head to my DeviantART. I post pretty much everything there.


A busty almost naked chick riding a 50 caliber sniper rifle, approximately weighting 40 pounds+.
What can go wrong?


Y buen dibujado.

Halfway There

You have clearly got some great skills, attention to detail, color, form, anatomy.

But, the subject matter man, "hot" chicks? It is just banal, it is unworthy of your obvious talents. There have got to be more profound subjects to work on.

Maybe try reading some Crowley or something, there are greater depths to plumb.