Reviews for "Yoko Pinup"

Very nice as always

Your art always has lots of detail to it. The only reason this isn't a ten is because there are so many pieces featuring her looking as if she's gonna bust out of her clothing already that it's almost a Newgrounds cliche. I agree though that that's one impressive gun.

Nice work

Great art. The initial look gives it a cartoonish feel, and the eyes amplify this effect. But you don't have to stick to just hot chicks, although I think I and most other people would like that, you should start making more artsy things. Yes artsy, it's a word look it up. Two thumbs up bro.


That pic, is just about every SWAT member's fucking dream.


mmh, mmh.. Darn, those ar'big


I did not know that Gurren Lagann was that popular. I'm glad that there are other people than me that has interest in it. I think I've laughed each time I saw an episode of Tengen Toppa Gurren :D ... !

Lovely picture, those small details you've got make it even better :-)

Though, I think her gun is a bit different :o