Reviews for "Yoko Pinup"


Fact: You can't draw Yoko and it not be a pinup.

Sabtastic responds:

Haha - touche!

You never stop amazing me

Very Nice drawing , its a shame how you frequently have to change your pictures to be more skimpy to be noticed on newgrounds , still you have a very good Grasp of human anatomy and you are one of the best artist here(i have seen every one of your other works sexy or non sexy on deviant art also

One point off for the dodgy foot....Sorry for the reminder :>


i just have one question how would anyone be able to hold a gun that size,it must be heavy, can i have a link to an episode where she uses it

Well done

If anyone could do Yoko justice, its you. Very nice artwork.

Ah, finally!

Ah so that's where I've seen that before... Oh well, good work on this good of a drawing, definately worth the 10/10

Sabtastic responds:

Well, glad you like this one---Thanks!


I'm absolutely love that character from TTG. 10/10 for it! :D