Reviews for "Yoko Pinup"

Woo! I love this.

Hot. Good job.

I knew it was an anime gal

I have watched some of Tengen Toppa Gurren but been awhile so I knew I recognized the bikini top but couldn't remember where. Well done! Faye is a beaut would have love to seen that she's a fantastic character. I do love her gun 9Yoko) he's a beast with that thing!


Excellent work on the picture, everything is well detailed from the rifle to her other big guns. Yoko and Team Dai-Gurren would be proud of this for sure.


I did not know that Gurren Lagann was that popular. I'm glad that there are other people than me that has interest in it. I think I've laughed each time I saw an episode of Tengen Toppa Gurren :D ... !

Lovely picture, those small details you've got make it even better :-)

Though, I think her gun is a bit different :o


This is a major copy but......

But well done