Reviews for "Yoko Pinup"

hey wait a second!... http://shadbase.com/cutiegalleryw/?pid=668 wtf? almost same?!

She reminds me of Pebbles from the flintstones a little bit. I enjoy this style a lot, and I feel as though you do it justice, so the 5 is yours. I appreciate the simple background, and for that matter that you took the time to actually create a background. The only thing that I see, is the anatomy of the breasts... they look a bit too perky (not that it's a bad thing), but gravity seems to be a little lacking. Overall, good job!

Yeah, she's hot

As much as I love Yoko['s body], I think this could have been a bit better. I guess it's mostly because Yoko just looks kind of weird in this with the expression on her face. Of course, it's still a great picture. It's particularly good how you get a shot of her breasts bobbing up so well. Everything about this character (and the series she came from) is just amazing. It's really saying something when a character's gun is longer than her own body.

It makes you realize how many little details there are about her. Like how on one hand she has a longer gloved one than the other. Fans of the series (as well as pinup calendars) are sure to enjoy this. The shading is well done in this, especially with her eyes. It's simply a series so awesome its elements will never be forgotten.


Yoko was probably one of the most suggestive anime charecters ever, just google the anime title(Gurren Lagann) and all u see is her. Nice job!


You're even more awesome for this.