Reviews for "Yoko Pinup"

her right leg looks sort of long and twisted around to me, and i'm not sure about the gravity of her boobs, though i'm not entirely sure. also, the shading on her left leg (the one that's straight out) looks a bit muddy; i would have used more of a reddish color rather than just brown? though, i don't really know what your actual color palette was like.
but this still looks really cool!! the shading on her stomach is really neat, and her hair swooping around her is so bamf. yoko is one of my favorites, i think.
good job n~n

awesome...love the style the shading is awesome, the attention to detail is awesome, my only thing is that you should have added a some sort of line distinguishing where the gun magazine connects into the gun...it all just looks like one piece, but i love it its great!

"So everybody looks that great on the surface"

One word: Smexy

awesome :D I loved yoko in her game series (although I was kinda mad when she shot me in the stomach with her sniper rifle)

Sabtastic responds:

Never played the game myself - just watched a bit of the anime!