Reviews for "Yoko Pinup"

do you draw anything besides chicks

all you seem to draw is chicks in skimpy outfits

Sabtastic responds:

I draw a lot of other stuff, yeah. Landscapes, still life, animals, you name it..
However, Newgrounds is where I post all of my "skimpy chick" pictures. Unfortunately, it's only stuff like this that gets noticed. :P

If you're interested in any of the OTHER stuff that I draw, head to my DeviantART. I post pretty much everything there.

Not a review more like an experince..

Great Pinup!!
Yes, I think I have found my new Tattoo. Well, Very talented you are and we need more artist such as yourself, DO NOT EVER STOP!

I am still very confused as to what goes thru the artist's mind as they creat art..all I know is.. It is a talent as old as man kind! Hmm I wonder what the first jam session was Like?


Awww yeah girl, this is EXACTLY what the art portal needs!

Oh wow!

And here i thought Yoko couldn't get any hotter! She looks amazing in your style. The lines and coloring are so smooth! Keep up the amazing work! <3


Awesome! :D