Reviews for "Yoko Pinup"


That pic, is just about every SWAT member's fucking dream.

very nice!!!

the only thing i'm wondering about is that the lower part of the gun looks like it's too far back a bit, most probably just me though :)
nice work!

i wanna take a look on that scope

those these days girls are... loving guns a little too much.....


Too bad Yoko won out over Faye though. The bounty hunting space cowboy show is by far the greatest ever, and to see your rendition of Faye would be great. Also you should draw Ed and then, see how many negative reviews you get for her not having boobs.


Is it just me, Its either shes falling or shes got a serious case of helium boobs. Great work anyhoo.

Sabtastic responds:

Post-appocalpytic earth and its weird gravity does wonders on a girl's ta-tas.

lol thanks.