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Reviews for "Effing Worms"


my worm was too big for the screen D:
but it was an awesome game :D


god, this takes me back to the days i spend endless nights watching the tremor film series. make more! maybe more upgrades, or a third catagory. (also, something clever for the gimpy wings, or something else instead of wings... i thought the worm needed glasses)

btw, well done... really! (could not find the 11'th star)


Awesome adaptation. It was great fun to play, even after you beat the game (proper). The scores are way out there, I thought I was going overboard killing untill I hit a billion.Then I saw the high scores table (I didn't even make it), and felt quite humbled by people that are worse time wasters than me. Anyhow. Reviewing the game, as I said, great fun. I had very little noticeable lag untill I got to the end, And I noticed the lag completely goes away when your head covers the entire screen. Which brings me to the point of my review. I would love to see a sequal/expanded version where you add a bunch more levels, instead of having the worm fill the screan though, you could just, zoom the world out, consuming ever more. Perhaps the worm develops a taste for stars i don't really know what would harm you at that point, but it is just a thought. But It would be nice to see more play area when you are huge.

Keep up the great work 5/5 10/10

good game

love the tribute to south park underpants nomes in instructions

Thank you so much.

That was awesome. A brilliant experience. I applaud you sir.