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Reviews for "Effing Worms"

Soo addicting

This game is great i mean i couldnt stop playing until i died haha the only problem i had was once i got so far and had so many upgrades it got really laggy but aside from that great game

hahah superb!!

awesome game.. Just super. The graphics are seriously great, so is the gameplay.. It's also awesome to upgrade my gigantic worm. the sounds are amazing. and it's just cool to kill as many ppl as possible :P. It's only a little bit sad that it ends here, and not more upgrades, or the possibility to kill the airplanes that drop bombs on me. Also it kinda sucks that when I can upgrade, I have to choose one of the options and not get them both. Although this makes it more fun to play the game more times. Maybe in a sequel you can add some special powers. With like more controls, cause now it's kinda too easy (I did die a few times). Hope you'll make some kind of sequel. Keep up the good work!


this game is amazing. however, i would have liked more air space to move around in.


Fun and the worm ended up looking pretty cool. However it gets a little tedious when there's only one or two enemies left and you have to look about for them