Reviews for "Binary"

Ok, honastly...

The Puzzles werent hard to figure out HOW to solve, just it was hard to DO it... nice job though dude, keep up the good work...

I beat it.

Definately challenges the mind but not too much that you give up. i kept trying and eventually won. good work on the puzzles and artwork 10/10.

Simply Beautiful!

It's simple games like this that should get plenty of credit. As frustrating as it can get, there's no better a feeling then the feeling of accomplishment and that is what this game can provide to those who don't give up. I first played this Yesterday and even though i gave up, i came back today because I couldn't handle feeling like a 'quiter' and i wanted that very feeling of accomplishment. So, congratz on making a game that, not only goes straight to my favorites list, but also goes straight to my ego* :)
10/10 5/5, you genius.
*Note: My ego is 10x bigger after finishing this game.

I don't know why but...

This is one of the best games that I have ever played. The music you have playing sets up the perfect atmosphere, like the main character is just going through another dreary day of maintenance work. The mystery behind it all, the art style and the extreme difficulty, yet rewarding feeling of all the puzzles. I love this game, even though I'm not very good at it (got to the second grid/shape puzzle in the first world)

Just the same, it's a great game, and everything seems to flow nicely together. A good mesh of feelings and all that. Well done!

Really interesting

I loved everything about this game. puzzles not too hard for NERDS, for common people they would be really tricky, for example ario46 2 posts down needed almost 2 whole days to get to the 2nd planet, too bad for him the game doesn't have a "save" button and his mom told him to get off his PC. So yeah, you can see that depending on the person it's long or short.