Reviews for "Binary"

Love this game

I love puzzle games and this goes near the top! Smooth animation and challenging, yet fun puzzles. I don't mean to self-advertise here, but it reminds me of a game that I made called Pictogrid. Anyway, I love the ideas in this game, only wish it could be longer!

Freaking HARD

A tip, try to make all your moves in order, will take a while but works, concentrate only in one shape and when you finish go to the next shape

For me, the code for the second ship was
Y II ^ Y / II

If you dont get the 2 first puzzels you wont get the medal, but for me the puzzle 3 and 4 was a lot easier that the 2nd


The puzzles were quite straight-forward but very relaxing and absorving. I hope you make another game like this soon.


My brain hurts. Couldn't finish it. Well-done.


I have tried this game a few times but have always gotten frustrated and quit before making much headway but having finally made myself sit here and just do it it turns out it wasn't all that hard... i guess that shows how things are not as difficult if we just do them instead of being frustrated on how hard we think they are