Reviews for "what is this i dont even"


I enjoy the randomocity of the situation. Very refreshing. Quick, but not too quick. Music made me laugh so hard. Try not sleeping for days, then listening to this on loop for 20 minutes. Amazing. Also: Wangle.

Short-Factor responds:

This isn't random I filmed it myself.

is that

is that the guy from skyfree that game from the 90s

Short-Factor responds:

my you sure do have an eye for talent

What the...

I don't even.

Short-Factor responds:

I'm not even going to bother responding to this review.


Is that the guy from Ski-Free?

Short-Factor responds:

That is the guy from Ski-Free?

You, sir...

Made me expel jellybeans from my nasal cavity as well as making my nipples throw frisbees...my forehead demon worm fapped to this movie uncontrollably which is odd because worms don't have arms or hands, this movie made my kitchen say "Are you Russell Crowe?" which is odd because kitchens don't talk and pigs fly swine flu chicken flu, frisbee throwing nipples...
Oh, Jiminy...I'm drunk :|
Drunk with power that is!
Oh, yeah...nice animation...never cease to surprise me as always =D

Short-Factor responds:

You are friend