Reviews for "what is this i dont even"

holy shit?

that guy falling must have been like FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU----- nice flash anyways

Short-Factor responds:

Well actually it was more like he was screaming from unfathomable terror, unlike your suggestion of comical response.

David Spade

Joe Dirt Sucked. I mean what kind of movie was that I don't even

Short-Factor responds:

Who the hell is David Spade


what is this i dont even know but it is so funny even the credits!

Short-Factor responds:

There are no credits.


i taped it to make i prank virus for my friends HAHA

Short-Factor responds:

Yes, it's just as the prophecies foretold...

Well, it wasn't so obvious

I mean, it's not that easy to deduce that steam irregular deformed random shapes floating in the air in the stratosphere of the planet isn't a bunch clouds by any chance pal xD

Short-Factor responds:

A wise guy eh.
I know how to DEAL with wise guys.