Reviews for "what is this i dont even"


ive watched this damn thing twenty three times now...can i borrow your sanity, i seem to have misplaced mine

Short-Factor responds:

I already sold my sanity on ebay. Can you believe its totally legal?


by the way how did you get those quality effects for the flames and stuff?

Short-Factor responds:

alpha blending and some intuition

Hi thar.

Very good. I also want the file to put on DVD to put it in to wait until someone plays it and has a mind-gasm, figures out the meaning of life and explodes in sheer WTF.*
Also: Would you like 100 free internets?
Also Also: Portal 2 is not coming out fast enough.
Also Also Also Also: I like cereal.
Also Also Also Also Also Also Also: lolwtfbbqnuclearholocaust
And BTW, David Spade cannot come to the door right now, would you like some chainsaw in a cup?
* This review is pointless beyond this point**
** Beyond the point, really

Short-Factor responds:

i'm the queen of france


That should be the name for the animation

P.S. i went crazy trying to keep up with the credits

Short-Factor responds:

theres nothing to get buh bye



Short-Factor responds:

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