Reviews for "what is this i dont even"

I just knew it...

David Spade was behind it the whole time...

Short-Factor responds:

Its worse than you can possibly imagine.

This is a subject

It's been a year. Will you finally explain the concept behind this movie? Or are you going to let the viewers sit here like dickheads trying the figure this out? Lol. btw the music link doesn't work no more. Btw btw, you must really hate the villian from ski free. You hate him so much that you used the powers of flash video making just to fling his bitch ass in the atmosphere just to break the barrier so he could burn and explode into oblivion like a cat in a microwave (just a joke, that wasn't a theory on what the movie is about. I could care less about this movie). Btw Btw Btw, as you said, long reviews deserves a long review of the review. So i hope you review my review and the other reviewers review just to be fair since you review everyone elses review. ^_^

Short-Factor responds:

what the fuck is ski free


is it wierd that i have watched this for 3 hours straight?

Short-Factor responds:

Of course not man, in fact its weird that you stopped. Keep watching and make others proud of doing what you believe in. I'm confident that some day, this movie will replace WoW, binaural beats, ecstasy, Farm Town, Jesus worship, and masturbation all at once.

just wow

i can see some people looking at this and then make a cult based around it...

Short-Factor responds:

not before me

Fucking preview image

From the preview image I thought you had made a flash movie about that "don't touch the walls" screamer.

I'm not sure if that would have been better or worse than this... whatever this is.

Short-Factor responds:

dont forget to flap your arms

what am i doing