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Reviews for "Onward, Ponty!"

Cars go on roads, not canals silly

WooleyWorld responds:


In me mums car! Broom broom!

First of, SO MUCH RESPECT for actually being able to animate! I have some pet projects constantly dangling right under my belt that if I would just get off my duff and learn to animate, myself, I'd be getting them out in some sort of eventual time frame.

Secondly, a question. Onward, PONTY? I assume "Ponty" is short for "Pontiac"? That's all I can think of, and the final shots as the car zooms back toward the viewer, it looks like there should be a Pontiac logo on the front of the car.

Lastly, despite the fact that you never drive such a car during the game (sans mods, of course), and the scenes you spend in canals you're plowing through with a SPEEDER BOAT, I can't help but still think of HALF LIFE 2 when watching this animation. Bravo, even if an unintentionally popular computer game reference!


WooleyWorld responds:

I find that cars are surprisingly easier to draw than people, once you get past the tedious nature of them. But thank you for the compliment.
Ponty is the slang I use for a Pontiac, yes. And the logo is on the front of the car. It's a 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix. I took some liberties so that it was easier to animate, but the gist is there. I have not played Half Life 2, but it's on my list. : p

I appreciate the detailed message, my good man.


I see you are shaking things up from your usual (or at least the usual that I have seen.) Cool! Cars in aqueducts are always fun.

I vaguely remember a scene from The French Connection where Gene Hackman is weaving through traffic like a madman whilst honking the horn incessantly; I think I'll re-watch it, why not.

WooleyWorld responds:

Yeah! I'm watching it as we speak! Good timing.
It's just got a style i like. I think next time I will try to capture that grit of the film that was that quality of film back in '71.