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Reviews for "Battle in the Sky"

I really enjoyed it.

The artwork and music was fantastic, and your animating style is inspiring. Seriously, you're new to this?

What I loved the most about your flash is that it was 100% original.
The artwork wasn't some fake anime bullshit.
The music was ethnic and profound. I haven't heard anything similar before.
Best of all, your animation. Beautiful. You haven't fully defined your style yet, but from what little I can see, you've got serious potential.

I look forward to seeing more from you.


Teh pwnage
viledrummer = fail.
Two posts below.
he doesn't even know how to do "No stars"

Very nice

The music and the animation were great and the story was preety unique keep up the good work!


CCC .... google it...


I'm surprised only 9's? I think the music is fine unsynced mate and I really enjoyed the video from start to end. I like that type of animation style and being that you are new to this I encourage you to do more. I like the potential. Good work.