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Reviews for "Battle in the Sky"


Beautifully animated, flawless even. And long! the quality doesn't deteriorate throughout either, it gets better as it goes on. The colouring style is quite simple, but it fits very well. Even if this is quite a lighthearted kind of animation, it has a strong aspect of cinematics to it, it's great.

I wasn't fond of the song and I agree with Ooooo336 about the sounds, which is why I'm giving an 8. But this is a great animation, well done.


Yeah i guess this makes people think revolutions and wars are fun... They were one day in battle, no one excepts for robots "died" and naturally they won... Dont like the Idea of that ^^

But nice animation, well, u added scenes wich almost made it nessecary to add sounds, missed that a little.

But this Flash part is not rated on political design but on animation talent skill n stuff, so its a 9/10 good work


Absolutely worthyof a 10/10.

There's not many music videos on NG, and when there are, they're not usually /THAT/ great, but you sir, you did a FANTASTIC job on this flash, I love your style, and the storyline in this (Not really a storyline, but, you get the gist)
I am greatly inspired, I'd love to see more from you.
Automatically faved and rated 5. <3


smooth animated, though your style is a bit (only a little ;)) too simple for my taste. but it suited the piece.
i don't know whats with the unsynched music, maybe it's because of the in general better internet-connection in europe, but i expierienced no unsyncs...


Honestly, I loved this to bits. You obviously put a lot of work into this, you should be proud! I loved the style and the story. It was so simple, yet so awesome at the same time! And I don't think it really mattered that much that the music was unsynched, to be honest I didn't really notice. But still, great job!