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Reviews for "Battle in the Sky"


The style that this has reminds me of something off of Fooly Cooly and looks really cool. I liked how it combined the theme of "war" and "friendship" and it looks like you've mixed those two very well. Great job!

I loved it, some people didn't get it.

To some of the people below me, learn to read descriptions. "technical exercise, that's why there is no emphasis on the plot or anything," With that said, I think this is great, I especially like the designs on the ships, they're pretty unique.


wow this is very gay most of all the song

Friends do die in real revolutions

Revolution... Great theme created by a person living in a country (surely it's Mexico) whose hymn claims para-militar guerrilla; where an assassination occurs ever hour and a half, the First Wold country with the worst medical system, most endemic illnesses and most blood donor transmited infections. Yeah, revolutions rules, specially when conscripted with more rage and vengeance than training and none of your friends die though.

We're here scoring flash graphics, sounds and ALSO story, something that the users seems not to take into consideration. I liked the graphics and the animations, but I dislike the story as pointed in the above paragraph. 10/10/0 equals my 6.

oh wow, that was REALLY good.

deffinetly an excellent animation worthy of a sequeal. maybe more androids come out of the crashed ship?