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Reviews for "Battle in the Sky"


Great animations and such and I realize that this is a technical exercise so I won't take points off for lack of story, and unlike the other guy who gave you a 0, I really don't care what language the song is it, but to be honest I just felt the song didn't fit the warfare action and adult-ish animation at all, genre doesn't matter but maybe something a little more serious and dramatic would of worked for me. Also didn't like how they created their own armor and instead of helmets and chest protectors they made shoulder pads? lol but other wise your a skilled flash animator no question about it

Wasn't my thing

I definitely think you've got talent, you just need to keep working to get better at it. The song was pretty annoying, but definitely not to the point where I feel like chastising you.


i loved the annimation, the fight style and the creativity

and dont mind you Musclecore...
he doesnt understand the beauty of ethnicity because he is some redneck sibling-lover who lives in a shack.
the fact that its not english makes it all the better :D


i loved every minute of it the music was fine and the animation and story were superb. You have an amazing talent. Everything was beautiful and smooth and the song had a good rhythm to it, don't let them get you down. This is a true masterpiece.


Loved everything! Hope to see more from you