Reviews for "Spider Powers 6"


Awesome :D
Keep it up :)

just2pale responds:


Are you fucking kidding me?

Seriously? Pedo Bear. I thought you at least were better that that. You know damn well you are capable of writing Something that doesn't revolve around an outaded meme. Im sorry But thats terrible. The animation was fine But the writing is really gonna Take a hit to your score.

Memes are not funny. Nor were they ever. They just force laughs to certain groups of people preferably newfags and People who wanna fit in. I really couldnt of seen you do a Flash with Pedobear as the center of attention. But

You probably should know that Pedobear takes a liking to Little Girls. The ShotaCat or whatever the fuck its called likes little boys. So You should maybe learn the meme before abusing it.

Im done in conclusion, I'm a faggot.

just2pale responds:

Actually ..

I only make something that I find funny myself. I can't please everyone nor intend on pleasing everyone. Some people may like this, some may not. That is the same with anything I do, or really the same anyone will does to be honest. I don't love every submission some of my fav newground artists do, but that's my opinion. What matters is that I had fun making it and can work on more.

I really appreciate your review and voicing your thoughts.