Reviews for "Zombies Took My Daughter!"

Where is she?

I went through the entire game, on my map, every area is blue.
I've explored almost every area. Where is she?

Very good

It was very addictive, Good job. Also what was the name of that song that was playing through it.


Survivors save: 20
Zombies Killed: 798
Virus Found: Yes
Times Died: 0

excellent game. Dont have any problems about it. Except going into a room 4 times to load up on the best weapon four times.

If sequal

-Add outfits
-Add more random events/strong zombies
-Add (perhaps) An advantage to using melee/silenced weapons. Such as the noise of guns attracts more.
-Add humerous weapons (like a whip, extra long melee range. or flamethrower. Etc)
-Add night/day. You have 36 hours, but 12 hours through it's still night time.
-Maybe add that your flashlight runs out of batteries and you must collect more.
-Add a mute button.

You know a game is good when your not trying to fix anything and just add more things.

Perfect Combonation Of Zombie Survival&Platformer

First off, this game was pretty fun, and the constant threat of time running out really made it a challenge. While the zombies were easy to beat after you got a few new weapons, the criminals made some areas really hard to explore. Gathering survivors and helping them escape was tons of fun too. The music really set the tone for the rest of the game.

I beat this on my second try.
Took 17 Hours
Found The Virus

Good Job, I loved this game.

Bloody Hell

That was close, 1 hr left.
Love the concept and its well made.
Controls are a bit confusing at first but no biggie.
1 question, do the wepons have diffrent damages?