Reviews for "Zombies Took My Daughter!"

Absolutely fantastic.

It was very simplistic, and it seems like you intended it to be like that.
You had a simple enemy, a simple objective, and it was simply brilliant.

Very Good!, Excelent Story!!!

Nice way of "Story Mod" got, the sounds of the zombies are just like "Dawn of Dead", or "Resident Evil", very cripy and well done!!!


What can I say? I found so many games piled into this one... lets see...

"I have to find my daughter" -Silent Hill 1
Health from vending machines -Bioshock
Painkillers and other survivors -Left 4 Dead
Nuking the city and releasing the virus into the city -Resident Evil

It's the first side scrolling game about zombies that I find is worth it. It's damn addicting, last night I stayed up past 12 playing this (then I told myself I need to get a life so I went to bed) And I beat it first thing in the morning.

The only thing I find complicated is the melee, sometimes when I get a solid hit on a zombie from behind, it doesn't hurt it... it hurts me! (The zombie somehow attacks and hit though i'm behind it, it didn't turn around either) So I prefer the guns in the game.

I like the RPG style "Missed!" thing. I lol'd at it, though I got killed cause I missed it XD.

10/10 5/5!


I came into this game thinking that it would just but like any other terrible zombie game. However, once I played, I realized it was much more. The lighting effects are great, adding to the sense of fear that fills you when you are fighting solo. This game is fantastic. Only a few things I disliked, like the ladders costing money, and the vending machines costing money. I mean, it's a zombie apocalypse! Who has time to pay for a soda? And where is my 5$ going for that ladder? Other than that, there was the problem of ladder camping. Where the zombies would hang on directly where you need to ascend or descend leading to several hits while you scramble around trying to escape/kill it. Then there's the problem of useless melee weapons. Ignoring those things, this game is fantastic. I look forward to a sequel (If you intend to make one) and the addition of a sandbox mode with a larger city and unlimited time or something.

P.S.: Molotov cocktail is beyond useless.

wow i got lucky i found her in 30 min didnt even check quarter of the city XD still a awesome game though so awesome im gonna play it again