Reviews for "Zombies Took My Daughter!"

Wow...what a game

Many good guns, but theone thing i lve the most is the serch for Anna.
You see the hours going down and you serch like crazy to find her.
And then you do :D
Epic game and you can play it over and over again, since in is random :)


I played this game twice. The first time i barely found her. and the second did everything, however i found her by chance in the very beginning and then did all the stuff.great game. but once i got the assult rifle or combat rifle i just loaded my self up with 4 oof em or the shotties. but great game like the plot and the music did seem liek a good white noise after a while. but it gave a good grim mood.also i would go into a room some times and the survivor was so close to the zombies i couldnt save them then i felt sad until i blew the next zombies head off whooooo.

Great game.

Although to bad there's no saving system, or the ability to carry on survivors (Which would be kind of neat though.), although the stealth element was good, I agree with ohbombuh on his three statements.

I like zombie games that are replayable like this :D

What is the name of the game song?