Reviews for "Zombies Took My Daughter!"

Best Action - Platformer game I've played.

The gameplay is great, graphics don't make a better game (at least that's my opinion), but they are good and the audio really fits a game like this. Overall, this game is great.

A complete crime...

A complete crime that this is not list on the "Best of the Week" list. Who's rating this anything less than a 5? This is better than the last 2 Resident Evil games. A decent plot line for a zombie game for once (find a loved one trumps mere survival any day); nice variety of weapons with a great weapon deterioration mechanic; random city for replayability; the clue system gives us something to do other than kill zombies; and the city grid has an awesome board game feel to it. This is one of the best Zombie games I've seen in awhile. The only drawback, is getting used to the interaction controls...pressing up to go down a ladder is hard to keep strength, same thing for pressing down to get out of stealth mode. I'd rather see up/down for ladders, and some other button for stealth/crouch mode, but that's just me. Really, this thing should be ranked higher than that stupid Avatar movie that's in the "Best of All Time".

nerdook responds:

thanks for your support, i really appreciate it!

I found her!!

And with only 2 hours left. Man, this game was epically awesome. Sometimes zombies would spawn on the doors when you enter buildings, but apart from that the game was AWESOME. 10/10, 5/5.


found her in 7 hours by accident haha, died once, and found the virus

nice game

when i found anna i had a army of surviviors