Reviews for "Zombies Took My Daughter!"

This game it's...

This game it's so fun!
The weapons, the monsters and everything!
and i found Anna.

easy game and awesome

this is the best game how left 4 dead

This just perfect

you know, this was so good game, better than your zombie infestation games, you should make a sequel, and make able to choose how you look and, btw what was up with those random "fugitive killed" messages?

anyways the guns were pretty mych the same but so what, the zombies looked awesome and it was just hard enough so i wont get annoyied by difficulty or bored by easiness.
this is so gonna be one of my favorite games
hope you make a sequel with the choise of dead line or "survive as long as you can in city full of undead and couple survivors" in shortly, good game with no cons i hated

Quite nice!

This game was very entertaining and had a style i have not yet come across often.
The randomly generated map grants a high replayability, which is also increased by the graphics. 10/10 from me and
Keep it up!

Easy but it had the makings

if you had no time limit after you found her and you could free roam that would be epic :D also a shop dude would be awsome and if you could customise your guns that would be an epic game :D well done anyway :)