Reviews for "Zombies Took My Daughter!"


Good game dude, but you might want to check out all the bugs first... On around maybe my 5th play, I managed to find the virus while simultaneously finding enough information to have 100% on EVERY square on the grid, yet I never found Anna. What the hell?

I like it.

It could have used variety, it could have used upgradable weapons and armor, it could have used increasing zombie difficulty...but it didn't and that's what's good about it. Sometimes people get so used to the "I played the game for 6 hours and this is some really good gear!" that they forget that certain games are actually better without it. A guy's looking for his daughter, nuff said. I'd love to see a sequel and the random generation of everything is what's lacking in a lot of non-flash games and randomness is what makes a game replayable for eternity's sake. Keep up the good work and things will come your way. 10/10, 5/5

Here's a tip;Make sure you have good guns to find your daughter! I Done the whole game!!!!

i have her if you want to complete listen

you found a girl in a dorr in a level then press arrow up or w then go back to begin then you complete game