Reviews for "Zombies Took My Daughter!"

I loved it...

i love the concept its never the same.... i liked having people helping me, the map system and side quests were awsome, but apart of this result, if your going to do more like a sequel or something like that put more stuff like protecting a base with the military and stuff like that....

Loved everithing in this game...

I found the virus and did every single side quest.... what about you guys!?


I hate most things but this is just great. great music great art great concept. Great Job!

cool but I have a question

I got some clues saying that a certain someone is responsible for the outbreak,(don't want to give out anything and ruin the surprise to anyone) but soon the clues stopped all of the sudden, last one saying that the certain someone was coming to cover everything up, and then I was stuck going all over the place, checking every corner, and the last corner that I check, bamfound my daughter, got to ferry, happy ending, but did I miss something, was I supposed to stop this certain someone somehow?

Great game

I loved it, it made me work to beat it lol. I lost the first time I played, mostly because I couldn't find any ammo boxes or other guns the first few places so I died too much, but the second time I found her with only 5 hours left. really good game, love the variety, it's going on my favourites =D

A Question about Updates

Will you do Updates every so often or will it be like a one off every update ? Thanks Alot.. Just wanted to ask because i Really liked the game :)