Reviews for "Zombies Took My Daughter!"

Nice Game

I Bet All Those Zombies Want to Buy His Land


One word..... Online. And make it longer, I found the daughter in 2 or 3 hours. Don't ask me how, it just happened. Why's the story have to be all about the girl too? Why not add a little other things. Like survival during a limit? Or something. And I agree with the majority, more options with money.

Great game ;D!

I got very lucky the first time i played..i found Anna in 31st Court Station. The music in this game adds so much feel to the game and gets sad at times. 10/10 5/5!!

Very cool.

It took me a bit to realize what the hours meant at the bottom XD, but I found her in 22hrs.
The PDA thing was very helpful and the gameplay was pretty cool. Stealth becomes necessary at some points so it wasn't a useless function. I didnt find the criminals but maybe next time around I'll try it out. Oh yeah nice track. The music really fits the situation and adds to the vibe of zombies and missing daughters. It had me wondering if she was really alive.

I Found Her In 2 Hours?

New record right? Perfectly constructed game. I know this must have taken a lot of code and a lot of time to make. Liked the wide assortment of weapons. I would like to see a sequel that involved alternate endings. Or having the choice make decisions that alter the characters and outcomes. Maybe, the plot could be during a school shooting of some sort?

I'm not condoning that type of violence or anything. Hey, you could even construct it to where everyone can survive with careful planning. But, these are just ideas I'm throwing out to you. I'd love to see more games from you in the future.

It's still amazing how I found Anna visiting the first station to the left of the Ferry Boat Station.