Reviews for "Zombies Took My Daughter!"

One of teh Best, games, EVAR!!!!!!!!

I wish there was a third or first person shooter like this PS3!


I found her on my first guess...

Effing Addictive!

I just kept playing - this game was really fun - not too hard, not too easy, just right for the casual on-line gamer. Advice : If you're holding a sub-machine gun and come across "french bread" don't press up! XD I actually thought the music (very huanting) added alot to the gameplay - over all - AWESOME!

This game is boss!

Seriously, watch out for the bosses. The one time I died was when 80% into the game I was gunned down by a boss zombie. That definitely took me by surprise. I loved how picking up clues narrowed down the search. I liked that some levels were special, in that collecting letters or supplies gave you extra evidence. I see that some people found Anna right away. I am glad I didn't find her until the board was almost clear, as I feel like I got quite a lot from the game that way. The helpful survivors added another unique element to the game. Each level, I wondered, do I have to go it alone? The incredible and sometimes hilarious selection of weaponry (a baguette? That still makes me laugh!) landed me in a few precarious low-ammo situations. But, eventually, I made "the more ammo, the better" my creed, and I dropped the rocket launcher in favor of as many combat and assault rifles as I could carry (that's four, total). But if you are tempted to trash a worthier weapon to try out the chainsaw, you know you just have to do it! Run to the ferry, Anna, run!

really decent

I was very pleased with the survivors you rescue in this having weapons to hellp fend off the hoards. ( i just hate helpless "survivors"). Was able to find the girl fairly good time, then took me a minute to remember that I actually needed to go back to where I started so we could escape. Then as I watched the ending credits the very last stat was "Virus found = NO" nuuuuuuuuu must ... play .. more....
Really great job!