Reviews for "Zombies Took My Daughter!"

Thank you very much for this game. I totally enjoyed and I shall certainly play again.

The only thing that I didn't like about this game is when you open a door and you don't see your character.. Instead, the first thing you see is a very resistant zombie on steroids and cocaine, the you have too flee or die (most of the times). I like those zombies, because they mean challenge, but damn! hahaha that completely random spawning was a small bummer.

Anyway, I liked this very much.


I actually find her in the first area I traveled to in a building next to a vending machine so it only took me 2 hours LOL! The second playthrough though... I had a hell of a time finding her and it took like 5 areas.

I love the game, the random generation makes it really good because it makes you have to rely on your own skill and a bit of luck to get through it instead of just googling a walkthrough. Still, I wish that after you beat the game once there was an unlimited mode and stuff to mess around with.

I was trying to find her everywhere. And then i went to the random place and i had 1 hour left. I thought i will have to restart the game but then, damn that was so lucky, i wnet into a house and guess what? I FRIKING FOUND THAT GIRL!!!! Finished game with 1 hour left... Damn i love this game 5/5

i can find her! i had all the zones in 100% what im doing wrong???

just found anna in the first place i looked. also in the same area i found i think like 5 other survivors but after leaving the screen it seems that if you have more than 3 the extras disapear :(. anyway this is one of my favorite zombie flash games and i always come back and play it from time to time. i like to try to fully explore the city and rescue every person, get all my favorite weapons, do all the side objectives etc. it really is like a sidescrolling flash version of dead rising