Reviews for "Zombies Took My Daughter!"


This was notbad of a game the music was kinda different from how the game flows it was fun and there was some decent action in this game all I would change would be the music maybe have it match the game even more but good game overall hope to see more from you

Change the music make it match the game more


Damn, the music is so sad, but the game is awesome

I was surprised at how complicated this game was. You really had to go a lot of places for everything. I lost my bat for some reason. I don't remember putting it down. I loved the atmosphere. It's hard to go wrong with zombies.

You know how to create a big world. I'm glad I had help. This was just a nice little game. I don't think it was great though. It probably could have been easier.

i love this game miss this game so much from child hood and well the music is beautiful wish more games like this would come out and be as member able as this one <3

(sorry for me bad english) i didnt finish the game because of my little sister he turned off the pc :/ anyway i played half of the game only i say the music is sad it reminds me of the game Last Stand : Union City but this game is about finding his lost daughter anyway about the gameplay it was cool you can get inside buildings thats cool man the only problem of the game is you should pay money to get ladders it should be crafted or something to get it