Reviews for "Jason VS. Jar Jar Binks"

not bad...

This gave me a cheap laugh, I used to watch Jason all the time, and it was always amusing how he could be miles away and suddenly appear from nowhere and kill a bunch of ppl. Keep up the good work.

I Like Jason...!

It was nice to see Jason do what he does best! And he couldn't have chose a better victim!
I just think after he caught his victim, the torture and struggle would've lasted longer. Still, quite nice.

--Michael Bregman


I have seen every Friday the 13th movie, and this was the first time I actully got freaked out by Jason stalking his prey. The part were Bambi died was also pretty cool.


This has to be one of the funniest portal entries yet! I loved the WB cartoon style! Keep it up!


Finally, a GOOD Kill Jarjar flash for a change. Could have used some vocals from JarJar (To portray his stupidity). Oh, yeah, and those were some real kickass aliens. Especially those bird things. Love em!