Reviews for "Newgrounds HQ Showdown"

was fun except

starting over from the beginning was overly irritating considering that later in the game when you really need to get to the vending machine there either isn't one on that level or its impossible to get to it without getting killed since you are intolerably slow. having to pick a new random weapon each time sucked since i got stuck with the stupid knife twice in a row (not much of a contest when they're wielding swords) and the enemies and levels don't really change that much. it would be nice to be able to turn around or have an area attack, since sometimes you just get pincered and there is no way to get out of it really.


but daed badgers don't move. :P better fix that. and what is the point on selecting a waepon ?


i LOLed @ the badgers level xD

great game but

mostly with walking and attacking

I say he-he

Just...press A.
The end is epic ^^