Reviews for "Newgrounds HQ Showdown"


It's a good game, but what the fuck is with the ending i went through 11 retarded dressed teams for Austinbreed. i fuckin K.O'd him in 1 hit... ONE!!!!
what a pussy Austinbreed is...

Good but...

If only you had different advantages with each weapons, but other than that the music was great!!


This one sucked, the art made me think you have some issues and the gameplay was way too easy, I liked the Intro and the music, otherwise you did had no stars.


This game was alright, kinda boring tho.

Decent, but repetitive

I'm not gonna hate this game -- it's certainly better than anything I could do. And the fact that it takes place in "the real world" as opposed to inside the ever-changed "world" of NewGrounds is kinda interesting and refreshing.

Sadly though, there are many faults. The controls, while simple, require much repetition; it's easy to spam the A button and win. The choose-a-random-weapon thing inbetween levels is an interesting idea, but really is pointless and/or annoying.

It's not a bad game. It's just needs a tad more variety.