Reviews for "Return of Pacman"

Yeah, Ghost squad


I liked it, but you really could have done a lot more. It just abruptly ended. Other than that it was pretty good, as this was one of your first few flash videos. The only reson that I gave it a 9 is beacuase the voices were pretty good. BUT THATS IT! Not relly, but keep up the good work.

JerrodStorm responds:

... a 9? I feel so betrayed. Actually, I'm pretty surprised you rated it as high as you did, considering how much better I can do.


For one of your few flashes it was pretty good!

JerrodStorm responds:

Yeah, the only reason it didn't get a better rating is because it wouldn't load or play for the longest time.


At first I thought that you were just going to have Pac Man raging through the city, but the way you brought the ghosts in impressed me! Hope to see a lot more from you!

JerrodStorm responds:

Thanks. I appreciate it.

wouldn't load

it jist wouldn't try a pre-loader

JerrodStorm responds:

There is one. Maybe something weird happened when I uploaded it. Thanks for the feedback.