Reviews for "CLAB - Teqneek vs Carefoot"

Carefoot was funny as hell, but I don't think it was necessarily intentional.

Teqneek for the advance, obviously. But we already knew that.

Regardless of production, regardless of levels, regardless of what happened before, after or during the battle...Teqneek for the advance.

Carefoots raps were dull, delivery weak and he loses a fair judgment just based on his excessive rant he put on this thread. His first and second verses aren't even consistent. In his first he sounds like he's rapping under his blanket in his beedroom with his voice hushed as to not wake up people in other rooms. I'm not talking about the levels, i'm talking about his actual flow and his voice projection. The second verse he sounds like he's doing a commentary track for a b-grade comedy DVD.

Teqneek was solid, flow tight, punchlines strong and had more charisma in his flow.

Vote: Tequila-neek

If you want your brain to stop throbbing, download the Carefoot-less version here:
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/542564

Moving on...

I don't know what to think about Carefoot, really. Though he is a terrible and repulsive human being, his 18 month-long journey into batshit insanity is kind of sad to witness. On the other hand, it's so well documented that it should provide valuable data for mental health research, so I feel better knowing that...

Although I know I shouldn't, I'll give in to this slanderous, obsessive, unfunny "troll" once more, just in case someone actually thinks he's speaking the truth in his review below.

Every accusation in that angry rant down there is an insanity-fueled lie. I mean really- CAREFOOT'S the one who sent the final version of this battle to Big Red for submission, lol. Yet he's down there saying I sabotaged his vox. Stupid.

I can easily disprove this and the rest of his stupid-ass claims, but whatever. We all know I wouldn't cheat, especially in an obvious win. CF's 1st verse was him not rapping- BUT READING, his verse off a sheet of paper. And somehow he managed to make his closing verse twice as bad.

*For the record- I heard the Carefoot mix, then publicly asked if I could FIX the huge volume differences between our verses to make it easier on the listener's ears. But Red said no and uploaded the shitty-ass Carefoot mix you hear now.

That's all I have to say, so you guys can stop reading. The rest of this is directed to my stalker.

----- ----- -----

Carefoot, your head is a scrambled mess, and you WILL end up in a 12 Monkeys-style mental hospital one day. For real.

Whether you're trolling or not, this psycho shit has been going on for over a year now. It's fucked up, obsessive, creepy, and you should stop. I don't even want the money we bet on this. After I win and advance to the next round, all I want is for you to uphold the other part of our wager- and LEAVE NG FOREVER.

Okay I'm done. Let's get ready for round 2!

Lol, sounds like Carefoot was drunker than me when doing this... and that's saying something. Teq for the advance.

carefoot just kinda talked so teqneek gets my vote