Reviews for "CLAB - Teqneek vs Carefoot"

carefoot is good, and carefoot might won over manclock, but teqneek is slightly better.

keep rapping, it was fun!

Carefoot destroyed Teqneek. Teqneek betta go on home

Flow: Teqneek, 4-1
Punches: Teqneek, 3-2
Flips: Teqneek, 3-2
...what the hell happened to verse 4 man. Teq stole this in a curbstomp face fucking.

neek vs. feet.

Teq takes this one, based on flow and lyrical content alone. All other factors aside of course.

TeqNeek takes this for sure just stayin, Carefoot kinda sucks, just saying, his mic was shitty quality, and his vioce flow and everything was just horrid